Best Scrapbooking Paper

Do you want to design a colorful and creative scrapbook containing your old photos and memories that will take you down on a nostalgic trip? Are you interested to create unique memorabilia albums?

Well, we’re sure you know about scrapbook paper and how these beautify the entire process! But, how do you know which scrapbooking paper will be the perfect one to glamorize your scrapbook the most?

Choosing one scrapbook paper is a tough ask, given that they’re available in just endless numbers! A lot of it depends on your scrapbook’s purpose and theme.

Keeping all types of possible usage and designs in mind, we’ll help you find your best scrapbooking paper to ensure the longevity of your scrapbook and retain its elegance.

What Is The Difference Between The Cardstock And Scrapbooking Paper?

Most people confuse scrapbooking paper with cardstock. While they’re very similar when it comes to weight and thicknesses, there are a few notable differences between these two types of paper.

Cardstock paper comes in a huge range of weights and thicknesses. They weigh a minimum of 170gsm and can go well above 280gsm.

On the contrary, scrapbooking paper is preferred not to be too heavy or thick as handling heavier paper is tedious for scrapbooking purposes.

While it’s subjective upon usage, the general weight of scrapbook paper range from are 170gsm to around 200gsm.

Scrapbook sheets are mainly similar to the features of a thin/medium cardstock.

Furthermore, cardstock paper usually comes with various texture types on their surfaces and can be rough to the touch. Some of them may consist of some types of embossing as well.

On the flip side, plain scrapbook sheets don’t come with textures. These are also much smoother to the touch.

Some designer papers come with gold-plating that add some texture; however, the patterns and styles on scrapbook paper are very different from those in cardstock.

How Do I Choose Scrapbook Paper?

Choosing the best scrapbook paper for your scrapbooking venture can be a difficult task, given all the amazing options available.

While the type of designer paper you go for is totally dependent on the theme, you want and the motive of the scrapbook, there are some aspects you must look into before going for a particular paper.

Lignin-free characteristic

Durability is an extremely important factor when you’re making a scrapbook.

All your hard work would go down the drain if the photos on your scrapbook just faded away or became dull in a matter of days, right?

It’s essential to make sure that your scrapbook paper is lignin-free or acid-free, like this Farmhouse Chic scrapbook paper pad.

Lignin is an acidic component found in the wood pulp that paper is manufactured from.

With time, the lignin will decompose and decolorize the photos and designs. However, if the manufacturer removes the lignin component and reduces the acidic nature of the pulp, the photos won’t be affected either.

You can come back to these memories and cherish them several years after making the scrapbook.


It’s important to decide what size of scrapbook you’ll be making beforehand.

Designer paper are available in a wide range of sizes that you can choose from based on your needs.

Usually, scrapbooks have the dimensions of 12″ X12″ or 8.5″ X11″. Therefore, it’s wise to opt for sheets that come in 12″ X12″ sizes, such as this Colorbok Designer Paper.

On the other hand, there are sheets that come in smaller sizes as well, like the Desecraft Designer Pad.

If you’re planning on making mini scrapbooks, or if you already have larger scrapbook sheets and want to add a unique touch with small sheets, these smaller sheets will definitely come in handy.

Double-Sided Sheets

Some scrapbooking sheets come with one side patterned or designed and the other side white or black, while others come with same or different patterns on both sides of each sheet.

Sheets with patterns on both sides can be useful when designing the front or back of scrapbooks. Moreover, you’re technically getting double the number of designs with a certain number of sheets compared to single-sided sheets.

Double-sided sheets with different patterns can cause a confusion when you’ve to choose between them, as only one side will actually be displayed, which is the case for the Scrapbook Customs Burlap and Lace Themed Scrapbook paper.

If you plan on going for single-sided sheets, you should check the color on the backside of the sheets and make sure it goes with your scrapbook theme.

6 Best Scrapbooking Paper Reviews

1. Colorbok Designer Paper Pad

Colorbok has introduced some incredible product for scrapbooking.

There are 50 sheets in the pack with 25 distinctive and uniquely designed patterns, present in two copies.

Each sheet has a different combination of colors, resulting in eye-catching layouts.

The patterns are created uniformly and symmetrically, making them extremely satisfying to look at.

They are unlike any patterns you’ve seen before and will work great if you’re designing mild-colored scrapbooks with one-sided designs.

The colors aren’t too bright to strain the eyes, even with the mixture of various colors.

The paper feels heavier than the likes of copy paper but doesn’t match the structure of thick cardstock. This small feature can be highly beneficial if you’re looking to create a backdrop of your photos and much more.


  • Each uniquely-created patterns are present in two copies.
  • Symmetrical and uniformly-designed patterns are satisfying to look at.
  • Thin, yet heavy structure helps create a backdrop and other features on photos.


  • Patterns are present on only one side.

1. Colorbok Mad for Plaid Designer Paper

If you want to decorate your scrapbook with a checkered or a tartan design, the Mad for Plaid Designer paper will be an amazing choice for you.

The plaid designs and patterns and the color combination in these sheets are created keeping the classic flannel clothes in mind.

These will definitely reminisce your memories regarding these classical designs and add a touch of nostalgia to your scrapbook.

Each plaid design comes in a combination of attractive colors and different designs, even though the shape of the patterns are somewhat similar. In addition, they’re carefully assorted, so that the final result isn’t too bright or too dull.

Each paper comes in 12″ X 12″ dimensions, which is perfect for scrapbooking purposes.

Similar to the previous Colorbok Designer paper, these sheets also come with a thin but heavy texture.

Furthermore, they come in 25 different designs as well, in groups of two but a plain white backside.


  • 12X12″ dimensions of sheets is perfect for various types of scrapbooking purposes.
  • Plaids are uniquely and attractively assorted with a focus on color combinations.
  • Checkered/flannel design adds a nostalgic and aesthetic touch to the scrapbook.


  • The backside of the sheets is blank.

3. Martha Stewart Paper Pad-Snowflake Paper Pad

A true revolution to DIY crafts, the Martha Stewart brand hasn’t been disappointed when it comes to scrapbooking paper!

As the name suggests, these sheets have splendid snowflake recombination and styles that will just light your scrapbook up!

Possessing mostly green and silver backgrounds mixed with some odd blues, the snowflakes combined with other elements give an excellent Christmas-like touch. These sheets are perfect for creating holiday and festival scrapbooks.

We loved this paper pad even more because of the gold foil plating on the sheets. It’s used absolutely perfectly for various designs in the sheets, giving a sparkly essence to your scrapbook and really adds a distinct touch to the pictures.

In addition to that, Martha Stewart also provides a free sheet of tags and other elements that you can add to enhance the scrapbook.

The paper is relatively thinner than our previous Colorbok sheets, making it all the more convenient to handle and modify.


  • Snowflake and other elements add a Christmas-like and festive touch.
  • Gold foil used in various designs give a sparkly and unique touch.
  • Free sheet of tags and other elements come with the product to enhance scrapbook quality.


  • Some tones of blue and green don’t go and coordinate with each other.

4. Teacher Created Resources Farmhouse Chic Scrapbook Project Paper Pad

Another product in our list with the perfect scrapbooking dimensions of 12″ X 12″ is the project paper pad manufactured by Teacher Created Resources.

If you’ve looked into scrapbook paper before, you’d know that country-themed scrapbook sheets are scarce, and the ones available don’t really radiate quality.

Well, Teacher Created Resources have done an excellent job creating horde western scrapbook designs that you’ll definitely love!

They’ve created styles with dim-colored backgrounds and simple patterns to bring out the aesthetic vibes of the Farmhouse Chic.

Some of the sheets look like they have a wooden texture, while others have more of a plain background representing the country lawns and backyards.

Even though these sheets aren’t double-sided, they have one up on our previous products like the Martha Stewart Paper Pads with the fact that they come in four copies for each of the twenty special designs.

You’ll receive 80 sheets to aestheticize your scrapbook album into a masterpiece!

Manufactured in Mexico, this Farmhouse Chic paper pad is ensured to be acid or lignin-free, meaning they won’t decay or fade as quickly and your scrapbook will serve its purpose every time you go through it! However, they’re also the thinnest in our list.


  • Comes with rare country-themed sheets that provide an aesthetic touch.
  • Four copies of each unique design come with the product.
  • Lignin-free characteristics ensure the longevity of the sheets and scrapbook.


  • Sheet structure is too thin for making cards and overlapping designs inthe scrapbook.

5. Scrapbook Customs Themed Paper Scrapbook Kit, Burlap & Lace

We know, lace-themed scrapbook paper is quite popular and common, but it never gets old! Scrapbook Customs ensures just that with their uniquely-patterned lace and burlap designs.

The lace and burlap patterns are different in all of the twelve sheets that come with the product.

This Scrapbook kit consists of double-sided sheets, each with one side of lace patterns and the other side with burlap designs. So you’re technically getting 24 separate styles in just twelve sets of paper!

The mauve, blue and mint color schemes along with the creative weaving patterns of the lace-themed sides, bring wedding vibes, while the burlap side of these papers can be conveniently used as covers.

In fact, if you employ a burlap side in the cover of your scrapbook, you can use the other lacey side to add titles and introductory photos! Isn’t that awesome?!

However, it does pose a problem when you use it inside the scrapbook, as you’ll have a tough time choosing between the two sides.

Last, but not the least, the weight of this scrapbook is around 80lbs, which is just right for making collages of various sizes. 


  • The distinct and unique color scheme of lace patterns give an outstanding look to the paper.
  • Sheets are double-sided, with a lacey theme on one side and burlap.
  • Weight is just perfect for creating different sizes of collages.


  • Only twelve sets of paper come with the product, relatively much lesser than others.

6. Desecraft Designer Paper Pad

Do you want to create pretty, little scrapbooks? Are you interested to create smaller, beautiful additions to an existing scrapbook? Then, Desecraft has the best scrapbooking paper for you!

Desecraft has introduced elegant-looking designer paper into the market with the dimensions of 5.9″ X 5.9″. So you have the size for mini-scrapbooks or small additions cut out for you and won’t be requiring any cutting machine!

This special product comes with a mixture of plain-colored sheets as well as unique patterns. The 24 sheets come in eight distinctive styles and patterns, with a wide range of color schemes.

The most attractive design, according to us, was the polka-dotted sheets with uncommon patterns and shapes. These radiate modern stylishness and chic, making your scrapbook more sophisticated and modish.

These Desecraft scrapbook paper come with a weight of 120gsm, accompanyingsome features of the thick cardstock and are perfect for general scrapbooks, as well as mini-cards for sticking to the scrapbook. 


  • Smaller dimensions of sheets are perfect for small scrapbooks and little additions to bigger ones.
  • Uncommon polka-dotted sheets with wide range of patterns and color schemes enhance the scrapbook.
  • Thicker structure of sheets is perfect for both scrapbook-making and mini-cards in a scrapbook.


  • Larger scrapbooks can’t be made; you’ll need a new set of larger scrapbooking paper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Gsm Paper Is Best For Scrapbooking?

245GSM paper is best for scrapbooking. 245GSM paper is equivalent to a weight of 65lbs. and works excellently with cutting, shaping, plating, and embossments.

Many people also use different thicknesses of cardstock for scrapbooking, as those are optimal for their particular requirements.

2. What Type Of Paper Is Good For Scrapbooking?

Light cardstock paper that is lignin-free or acid-free are the best type of paper for scrapbooking, because of their excellent longevity and flexibility to scrapbooking.

3. What Is The Best Weight For Scrapbook Paper?

The best weight for scrapbook paper is 65lbs. 245GSM paper, which is the optimal paper for scrapbooking, comes with a weight of 65lbs.

However, you can use scrapbook paper of various weights, depending on your motive. You can go as high as 80lbs. for the thin, yet sturdy structure, which is best for scrapbooking.

4. What Gsm Is Scrapbooking Cardstock?

Scrapbooking cardstock is 245GSM. It ranges from 210GSM to around 260GSM and the perfect thickness and weight is 245GSM.

5. Can You Use Construction Paper For Scrapbooking?

No, construction paper isn’t a good choice for scrapbooking.

Construction paper has a high lignin component, making the paper acidic. Over time, the lignin will decompose and lead to discoloration of your photos, eventually destroying your scrapbooks.

6. What Size Scrapbook Is Best?

12″ X 12″ scrapbooks are the best.
Scrapbooks are usually of the dimensions of 12″ X 12″ and 8.5″ X 11″. The former is a better choice since it can fit in several more pictures and catch the eye even more.


Aforementioned, it’ll probably not take you a long time to decide on the theme of your scrapbook and how you want it to look.

However, you do need to put in the time to the type of designer paper you’ll be using, because all your plans and creativity will be destroyed with the wrong kind of material!

To save you all that trouble, we’ve taken it as our task to find you the best scrapbooking paper out there that will not only serve the test of beauty, but will also withstand the test of time and let you cherish your memories for years and decades to come

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