How To Print On Both Sides Of Index Cards?

Index cards are very useful items that add the necessary orderliness to people’s day-to-day life. It prevents them from forgetting important details and helps them note down important information. In your personal life, you can use them for making shopping lists, saving contact information, making flashcards, etc. while in your professional life they can be used to keep presentation notes, keep track of client details, jot down a task, etc.

Index cards are generally made of cardstock and thus, are durable; you can print on both sides without having any problems due to leakage of ink. Hence, our today’s article will teach you how to print on both sides of the index card so that you can save both money and paper.

How To Print On Both Sides Of Index Cards

Things You Will Need:

  • Index cards that are equal to or are greater than the size of your printer’s minimum sheet size.
  • A printer whose media type and media size is compatible with index cards; printer also needs to support duplex printing.
  • A word file that holds the document that needs to be printed.

How To Print On Both Sides Of Index Cards:

Step 1: Getting The Word File Ready

Open a file in MS Word and open the Layout tab present on the menu bar. Alter the size to match the dimensions of your index card; if the size is not present you can press on More Paper Sizes and type in the width and height. Change the orientation to landscape and then type in your required documents. Alter the margins; if your printer allows borderless prints, you can decrease the margin length to zero using the custom margins option.

Step 2: Getting Your Printer Ready

Change the width of the paper guides so that they are a little bigger than the width of your index cards. Slip the index cards in between your paper guides and push them till they touch the back of the paper tray. This allows the printer to sense that it is indeed loaded. Your printer is now ready to print.

Step 3: Giving Print Commands

Once you are done getting your printer and word file ready, click on the File option and select Print from the list of tabs on the left. Change the Print One-sided option to Manually Print on both sides or you could select the Print on Both Sides option from the Print Preferences dialogue box. Once all the printer settings seem to match your taste, you can go ahead and press the Print button.

Your printer will now print on both sides of your index cards!


How Do I Enable Print On Both Sides?

If you have a duplex printer, then your Print dialogue box will likely have the Print on Both Sides option; all you need to do to enable it is ticking the box. If you have a simplex printer, you will have no such option and will instead have to print on one side and insert the papers again – this time in such a way that the empty side gets printed upon. Printing on both sides helps save money and paper.

How To Print On 3×5 Index Cards?

You will need to go to your word processing document and alter the page’s Size (change the width to 5 inches and the height to 3 inches) and change the Orientation to Landscape. After fixing margins, you need to place the index cards properly in the tray so that the printer can identify it is loaded, and then you all you need to do is press down on the Print option.

Can A Laser Printer Print On Index Cards?

Laser printers are perfectly capable of printing on index cards. Whether your printer can or cannot print on an index card depends on the minimum sheet size and the types of media is compatible with; the printing technology plays no role in this. All you need to do is input the right commands, and voila! You can easily get your prints.

Index cards can serve as your little library or book of data. Hence, we have wished to let our readers know how to print on both sides of index cards so that they can neatly store and maintain their information bank. We hope our article answered all necessary questions and left no doubt or query in the reader’s mind. Have a fun time printing!

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