How To Print On Index Cards In Word

Printing on index cards might sound like it has a great many moving parts. But it is rather simple if you are equipped with Microsoft Word and the right printer. You can easily format your document to print on an index card with a few tweaks. Here’s everything you need to know to get started:

Printing Index Cards In Word

Step 1: Acquiring The Right Materials

To print at home, you’d need a printer of your own that can print the index size. Common index card sizes are 5×3, 4×6, 5×8 inches. Your printer’s loading tray should have a width adjuster. If you want to print on thicker cardstock, ensure that the printer allows it. Your printer should print with accuracy, and decent color definition.

Note: Every version of Microsoft Word is equally capably of printing on index size.

Step 2: Enabling The Right Settings In Word

Say you’re starting fresh with a blank document that you want to format to index size before you write on- this has the benefit of not having to adjust the paragraph spacing (step 2) of an existing document for printing. Here’s what I mean.

To print an existing document on index size:

  1. Format size and margins: Open your Word document and find the ‘Layout’ from the ribbon at the top of Word. Select the paper size, and then select ‘More paper sizes.’ This opens a window where you can manually enter the index card’s width and length values- do just that. Then reduce the margins in all sides to ½ inch. Choose portrait or landscape depending on your needs. Then exit out of that window. Your document should have pages that are in index size- treat each page as a single index card
  2. Adjust document: Go through the entire document and remove any unwanted spacing. You might also feel the need to change the font size and insert page numbers.
  3. Print them out: Load your printer with your stack of index cards. Make sure they are facing the right way according to your printer’s instructions. Also, ensure cards are unwarped and completely flat.

To print on both sides of the index cards, click on the print one side, and this will open a drop-down menu from where you have to select the manually print on both sides. This means that you will print on one side and load the opposite side into your printer tray when prompted.

There you go. Printing on index size is no rocket science- you’ve got this.

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