Printer For 12×12 Scrapbook Pages (Guide)

Don’t we all love to go back to the old days and reminisce those good times and all the memories we made with our loved ones?

Scrapbooking takes this feeling of nostalgia to the next level by preserving our memories in the best condition.

Ten years from now, when you go through your scrapbook, you’ll be flooded with all those emotions and relive the good times you spent with the best people around.

However, all this scrapbooking might just go in vain if the photos aren’t printed at the utmost quality. They’ll fade over time and eventually become totally unclear even to comprehend.

To prevent such disasters from happening, we’re here today to help you find the best printer for 12×12 scrapbook pages that will perfectly suit your needs and preserve your memory for ever and ever.

IMAGE PRODUCT Ink Cartridge SystemResolution (DPI)Connectivityprice
Canon TS9521C All-In-One Wireless Photo PrinterFive-color cartridge4800×1200USB, Wi-Fi, AirPrint, SD-card
HP ENVY Photo 7855 Photo PrinterOne black,
one tri-color cartridge
4800×1200Bluetooth, Ethernet, PenDrive, USB, Wi-Fi Direct
HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wide Format PrinterOne black,
one tri-color cartridge
1200×1200Wi-Fi, AirPrint, Cloud-printing
Epson EcoTank ET-2720Four-color
ink tank
5760×1440Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
HP Envy Photo 7155 Photo PrinterFour-color cartridge4800×1200Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, HP ePrint app

What Is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is essentially a hobby, a process of preserving your memories with your loved ones for a long period of time, as well as showcasing your creativity.

Scrapbooking has also been used as a brain exercise for kids to enhance their brain activity and “turn on” the more creative part of their brains.

You can use all kinds of photos, different types of souvenirs, like cards, tickets, pieces from a newspaper, and whatnot on your scrapbook.

You can arrange them in any way you like and design the scrapbook with your innovativeness and artistry.

You can look back at your scrapbook after 10-20 years and relive all the memories you made while appreciating the sheer talent in making it.

Printer For 12×12” Scrapbook Pages Buying Guide?

Scrapbooking is an art; along with your creativity, you’ll definitely need a good printer to achieve the best version of the art.

Let’s take a look at the few aspects that will matter the most while choosing your printer.

Paper Adaptability

Since your main task will be printing 12×12” scrapbook pages, you’ll need a printer that can print 12×12 inches and should be supportive of the paper you will be using.

Most general printers have a limit only up to the legal or A4 paper size, and inserting such a large paper will only cause jamming issues. 

Your scrapbook pages will obviously be made of cardstock, whether light or heavy and if your printer is programmed to print only on plain paper, you’re going to be in a heap of trouble.

All of our selected printers, like the Canon TS9521C and Epson ET-2720, are compatible with a wide range of paper sizes and paper types to comfortably print on your 12×12” scrapbook page.

Borderless Printing

Whether you’re printing beautiful collages or just one single photo, borderless printing will create wonders for your scrapbook.

This printing featurewill fill up the page with your photos and won’t keep any white spaces on the sides, preventing any dullness and making it pleasing to the eye.

Collages look beautiful printed with this feature, found in the HP Envy 7155 and OfficeJet 7740, as they’re stacked one over the other. Moreover, you’ll also be utilizing all of the 12×12” scrapbook page.

Ink Usage

You’ll probably be printing a lot of colorful photos for your scrapbook. Quite understandably, colorful photos use up a lot of ink while printing.

However, if the ink consumption is too much for every colored photo, it can turn into a problem since you’ll have to get replacements often, which can be quite tiring as well as expensive.

It’s a smart move to go for printers that have less ink consumption or come with ink-saving plans.

For example, the Epson ET-2720 works with ink tanks rather than cartridges. These tanks last for more than 1.5years and have the ability to print more than 5000 of your colored photos!

Furthermore, the HP Envy 7855 and Envy 7155 are eligible for an HP Instant Ink program, which is focused on saving ink costs for you! For a fixed number of pages, this program charges you a very minimal amount for ink cartridges and also sends you replacements on time.

Multifunctional Abilities

Lots of printers come with additional capabilities like scanning, copying, faxing, and even three of these together, and these can be a big up to your scrapbooking experience.

For example, the Envy 7855 also acts as a scanner, allowing you to scan old, hard-copies print them in your scrapbook at a much higher quality.

The HP 7740 works as a copier machine when you need it to. For example, you can quickly create multiple copies of the same photo and put it on another scrapbook.

On top of them all, there’s the Canon TS9521C, which can do all of these three functions alongside printing!

5 Best Printer For 12×12 Scrapbook Pages Reviews

1. Canon TS9521C All-In-One Wireless Photo Printer | Best Printer For Printing Digital Scrapbook Pages 12×12

Always printing at the highest quality, Canon has also greatly impressed us when it came to printing in scrapbook.

Printing at a resolution of 4800×1200 DPI, the TS9521C prints at the top-notch quality and truly brings out the actual beauty of your photo. The extra cartridge of black ink also helps to enhance the darker shades of the picture.

Moreover, it’s integrated with the ChromaLife 100 system, which uses a combination of FINE technology and dye-inks to prevent your photos from losing color and last for as long as 20-30 years!

However, you always need to use ink cartridges manufactured by Canon themselves for the best results, which can cost quite a fortune compared to general third-party cartridges.

Canon has made this scrapbook page printer very user-friendly with the addition of a 4.3” LCD touchscreen. We found the installation process to be quite simple using the Canon Print App.

We absolutely loved the wide range of unique templates that this sturdy scrapbook printer comes with.

You have access to lots of uncommon patterns and designs, such as dotted designs and checkerboards. There are also editing and collaging features, which you can directly print on your scrapbook and beautify even more without having to waste time on Photoshop.


  • Prints have high-quality with resolutions of 4800x1200DPI.
  • ChromaLife 100 provides protection from fading and longevity of photos.
  • Large LCD touchscreen enhances user experience and operation.
  • Built-in templates can be used for efficient and beautiful designing of scrapbooks.


  • Only works properly with Canon’s expensive ink cartridges.

2. HP ENVY 7855 Photo Printer | Best Printer For Scrapbooking

The HP Envy 7855 is one of their best printers in the Envy series. The printer is an excellent choice for scrapbook-lovers with multiple additional functions, like scanning and faxing.

You can scan your old photos and print them out in much better condition and quality with just this device!

The Envy 7855 comes with a secondary paper tray in the back. So you needto adjust your 12×12” scrapbook paper only once and print photos whenever you’re like, without having to go through the arduous process of replacing the paper set on the front tray.

This 12×12” photo printer also comes with an LCD touchscreen on the body. So even though it’s not as big as Canon TS9521C’s screen, the functions are still easily accessible.

Using the touchscreen, you can also access photos in an SD-card or Pen Drive and print right away without dealing with any other devices! Doesn’t that cut down a lot of trouble?!

Along with the SD-card connectivity, we were also fascinated by the additional options, including Wi-Fi and, quite surprisingly, Bluetooth!

Nevertheless, we were bummed by the performance of the cartridges. It works with only two cartridges, and printing color photos uses them up quickly, requiring you to spend extra money on the cartridges.

We found that subscribing to the HP Instant Ink program is pretty convenient since it lets you print a certain number of high-quality photos (50,100, or 300) for a much lower rate while also delivering ink just before the cartridge runs out.


  • Multiple functions like scanning and faxing along with printing.
  • A secondary paper tray on the back makes printing more efficient and less tiring.
  • Supports a wide range of connectivity, from SD-card to Bluetooth.
  • HP Instant Ink program greatly reduces ink costs for a fixed number of pages.


  • Works with only two cartridges, which run out fast.

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wide Format Printer | Best Wide Format Printer For Scrapbooking

Yet another excellent choice for scrapbookers is the HP OfficeJet 7740, coming with very similar functionalities like the HP Envy 7855 but outperforming it in several aspects.

Talking about the additional functions, the 7740 can also act as a copier machine, which the previous Envy printer was unable to do. As a result, you have the opportunity to create multiple versions of your scrapbook design and share it with your friends and family.

The printer has a strong build and is much heavier than our other printers. As a result, it will take up quite some space, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you have a wide workspace.

Although it’s eligible for the HP Instant Ink program, we believe this scrapbook printer is economical enough compared to the Envy 7855.

The cartridges work with traditional CMY and black colors, each of which are individually replaceable and use up comparatively much lesser ink for printing colored photos compared to the Canon TS9521C.

The printer works seamlessly in both offline and online modes. Moreover, we could print comfortably in the absence of network connectivity, through the Wi-Fi Direct feature.

We can also make direct prints from Google Cloud without the need for any device using the 2.65” touchscreen located on the side of the printer.


  • Other than printing, it can also create various copies of the same scrapbook page.
  • Cartridges are individually replaceable, which is a big money-saving feature.
  • Prints can be done without an internet connection through Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Google Cloud can be accessed through an LCD screen and prints executed without any external device.


  • The printer is very heavy and takes up a lot of space.

4. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Supertank Printer | Best 12×12 Printer For Scrapbooking

If you’re someone who lives for scrapbooks, then the Epson ET-2720 is the most cost-effective option for you!

As the name suggests, this Supertank scrapbook printer works using ink tanks rather than ink cartridges.

You can print an endless number of scrapbook pages as ink tanks have a huge printing capacity of more than 5000 12×12” scrapbook pages, which is more than 50 times that of a normal ink cartridge!

The ink tanks last for a very long time, and you’ll only have to replace them every 1.5 years or so.

The quality offered by this inkjetEcoTank is top-class as well. The printer delivers an amazing resolution of 5760×1440 DPI, and we loved how vibrant the photos looked after the print, with the colors standing out brilliantly.

Absolutely contrasting the HP 7740, the Epson ET-2720 has an impressive lightweight feature with a thin and compact design.

It doesn’t come with a touchscreen, but the small LCD display can be controlled using the buttons on the body.

We found the installation to be pretty straightforward and brief, including loading ink tanks, which is much safer and simpler than installing ink cartridges.

While it does provide a good range of printing options, the process isn’t entirely smooth wirelessly. You’ll get the optimum performance when the printer’s connected to your device with a USB cable.


  • Ink tanks have the capacity to print more than 5000 scrapbook pages.
  • High-end inkjet technology produces brilliant photos with 5760×1440 DPI resolution.
  • Has a very lightweight and compact structure; can be easily moved around.
  • Loading ink tanks is safer and more straightforward than ink cartridges.


  • Printing is less smooth and responsive over Wi-Fi compared to a wired connection.

5. HP Envy Photo 7155 Photo Printer | Best Printer For 12×12 Cardstock

You’ve probably noticed that this is our second Envy series printer in this list. Well, now you know how good these printers are for scrapbooking!

Like its partner 7855, the HP 7155 comes with multifunctional features as well. As a result, printing, copying, and scanning all are possible within one device!

However, unlike the 7855, this scrapbook page printer is a lot lighter and smaller, which can be convenient if you don’t have much space allotted for a printer.

We loved how quick the installation process of the printer was.

As long as you’re connected to the Internet or connected to your phone through Bluetooth services, you won’t have to do anything extra other than clicking “OK.”

While it’s small, the touchscreen has multiple functions you can access by swiping. Another feature that caught our attention about the Envy 7155 is its borderless-printing ability. 

This feature ensures your photos take up maximum space on the 12×12” paper without leaving any unwanted white spaces. In addition to letting you squeeze another small-sized photo, it also upholds the beauty of your scrapbook.

We were intrigued by the horde of different printing options this scrapbook printer possesses. In addition, it supports direct mobile printing using both AirPrint and Mopria services.

HP even has their own ePrint app that you can use to comfortably print, scan and copy. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi comes with dual-band configuration, which will ensure highly smooth and swift printing. 


  • Able to carry out borderless printing that upholds the beauty of the photo the most.
  • Huge range of printing options including AirPrint, Mopria, ePrint, and dual-band Wi-Fi.
  • Various functions such as copying and scanning other than printing.
  • Has a super-fast and effortless installation process.


  • The LCD screen can be too small for some people, making it difficult to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can You Put Scrapbook Paper In The Printer?

Yes, scrapbook paper can be put in the printer, but you should make sure your printer is compatible with the size and type of the scrapbook paper, which are usually 12×12” and cardstock, respectively.

ou can get the information from the printer’s manuals. There will be paper jam issues and internal damage if the instructions aren’t complied with.

2. Is Inkjet Or Laser Better For Crafting?

Inkjet printers are better for crafting. Crafts contain lots of colors and various designs, which will look more beautiful and realistic through the ink droplets of inkjet. Laser printing is best for text-based prints.

3. Can You Print On 12×12 Paper?

Yes, you can print on 12×12” using mainly wide-format printers. But, some photo printers also allow 12×12” printing.

4. What Type Of Printer Is Best For Printing Photos?

Inkjet printers are best for printing photos because these bring out the colors and textures of the photo in the best way possible through dye-based or pigment-based inks. In addition, inks do a better job in printing color than heat.

5. What Paper Is Used For Scrapbooking?

Cardstock paper is the best choice for scrapbooking. Cardstock with a high pH range (acid-free) and weighing around 145-150 GSM are perfect for scrapbooking.

6. Is Scrapbook Paper Acid-Free?

Yes, scrapbook paper is acid-free. Cardstock paper with a high pH or alkaline value is used for scrapbooking.

Scrapbook is used for the long-term storage of photos, and the presence of acid can damage the quality of the photo.

7. How Do I Choose Scrapbook Paper?

You should choose cardstock paper that weighs around the 145-150 GSM range and is acid-free.

Those papers come in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose any color that will suit the theme of your scrapbook.

Alongside the plain option, there are various other options for cardstock paper with different kinds of designs and textures on them for you to choose from. You can also choose to get paper with a glossy or matte finish.


The art of scrapbooking takes a lot of creativity and work. Beautifying your memories is a wonderful thing that you can reminisce and cherish in the future, but all of that can be tarnished if your photos aren’t printed in the best quality.

To help you achieve the best quality for your scrapbook and go on nostalgia trips for years and years, we’ve taken up the job to do our research and help you find the best printer for 12×12 scrapbook pages. We’ve reviewed the ones we think will be just perfect for your scrapbooking experience.

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