Printer For DIY Wedding Invitations (Guide)

A wedding is one of the most important events of a person’s life, and we understand the need for each and every part of it going flawlessly.

It’s something you will come back to for the rest of your life, starting from wedding invitations and fixing the venue to reciting your vows.

While there are endless businesses ready to create your wedding invitations, they might not just have the style and design you want. So, why not create your own invitations with your creativity? That will obviously be more beautiful!

And, to bring that beauty to life, we’re here to make you take a big step in this process by helping you choose the best printer for DIY wedding invitations perfect for what you want to create.

Comparison Chart For Top  5 DIY Wedding Invitation Printers

Product NameBorderless Printing Size (inches)Ink Cartridge SystemResolution (DPI)
HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Wireless Printer8.5×14Four-color cartridge4800×1200
Canon TS9521C Wireless Photo Printer12×12Five-color cartridge1200 x 2400
Brother MFC-J497DW Inkjet Printer8.5×14Four-color cartridge1200×6000
Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Printer13×19Five-color cartridge9600×2400
Epson SureColor P600 Inkjet Printer13×19Nine-color cartridge5760 x 1440

A Quick Guide To Crafting A Wedding Invitations Cards

Choosing The Right Paper Type

For wedding invitations, cardstock paper is the best option for crafting the cards. These have a good, hard feel, and some even have unique textures. They’re also not flimsy like plain paper.

Choosing The Correct Paper Size

If you’re planning on sending your card through the mail, you should make sure the paper you’re using fits the dimensions of a “letter” for your country’s mailing system.

In the USA, the maximum dimensions are 6 1/8″ by 11 ½”. Therefore, cards of larger sizes will need you to pay extra money for each card.

Creating The Wedding Invitation

To create your very own wedding invitation, you’ll need to use any image software on your computer. We’ll give you a brief overview using the Adobe Photoshop software.

Designing the Background

  • Open Adobe Photoshop software.
  • If you’ve chosen a design already, click on “File” and then “Open”. Next, navigate to your design and double-click on it.
  • Using options in the Tools Palette, the “Edit,” “Image,” and “Filter” options on top, you can play around with your design and make any necessary changes that you’d like.

Adding Text

  • Click on the “Horizontal Type Tool” from the Palette on the left.
  • Create a text frame and type in your desired text.
  • Use the small window on top to choose your font and style.
  • Adjust the size of the text box and move it in accordance with your needs.

Preparing Design for Print

  • If you’re satisfied with your wedding invitation design, click on “File” and then “Export.”
  • Save your design as a PNG or JPG file.

There you have it! Your DIY wedding invitation is crafted with your own creativity and imagination! You can access your card by double-clicking on the image and printing it from that file.

Why Buy A Printer For Wedding Invitations?

Do you not want your wedding invitation to be the most beautiful one you’ve seen? Do you not want to add your own touch of creativity to your wedding?

Sure, you can easily get your invitations made by several businesses out there, but they do cost a fortune. You may not get your desired style and design either.

While you will need to bear some expenses for a printer, you can save a huge chunk of money in the long run. You can also use it to print DIY wedding invitations for your friends and relatives, while also using it for a general house or office purposes.

Adding to that, you can replicate an entirely unique design for your wedding invitation card using your printer and style it; however, way you want solely through your creativity.

Yes, it’ll require some work, but, at the end of the day, creating something you’ll love will always give you more mental satisfaction than paying for a less good alternative.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Printer For DIY Wedding Invitations

If you’re not using the right printer, you will probably get the invitations faded in color, or worst case scenario, your design totally butchered.

To avoid these outcomes, let’s take a look at some key factors you should look out for before getting your printer.


Before you dive deeper into a certain printer, you should look up its specifications and ensure that it has the configuration to support printing on different types of cardstock.

Not all printers are compatible with printing on heavier paper, and the wrong printer will lead to excessive paper jams and internal damage to the printer.

Borderless Printing

Borderless printing is a highly-essential feature for a DIY wedding invitations printer. Therefore, you should ensure that your printer comes with borderless printing technology.

This feature prints your design in such a way so that it takes up the entire page and doesn’t leave margins on the sides of the paper. As a result, your design looks much better when filling up the page.

Moreover, without borderless print, you’ll have to manually cut out the white spaces beyond the margins, which can be quite time-consuming and tiring.

All the printers in our list are programmed with this feature. But, even among them, there are differences. For example, different printers support borderless printing up to different sizes.

If your wedding card is the usual 6 1/8″ by 11 ½”, then the Canon TS9521Cwill do the job for you with its 12″ x12″ borderless printing capability.

Even if the wedding card has larger dimensions, printers like Epson P600 and Canon Pixma iX6820 will have you covered with their extraordinary range of 13″ x19″.

Ink Cartridge Composition

All inkjet printers work with the common CMYK color cartridges for color-printing. The inks are either dye-based or pigment-based, depending on the configuration of the printer.

To bring out the best of your artwork, dye-based inks will do a better job as the ink sets in better with the paper, and the color stands out.

You should also go for printers with more than the usual four-color ink cartridges if you have the option.

The higher number of colors will enhance the beauty of the design and make it look as real as you want it to be by creating the most optimum combination of colors.

Some inkjet printers, such as the Canon iX6820 printer, work brilliantly with five-color cartridges instead of four, while the Epson P600 defeats them all with a nine-color ink cartridge system!

Rear Tray

While having a secondary tray isn’t an absolute necessity, it does make printing DIY wedding invitations much faster and more productive.

Rear trays are usually designed for special types of paper like cardstock, which is generally used for wedding cards.

Along with saving time, these trays have the proper sliders and construction to feed in the heavier papers without any paper jam and print efficiently, like in the Canon TS9521C.

Your printer can still be good enough for printing wedding invitations even without a rear feed tray as long as the other performances are above average, like the HP Pro 8025.

5 Best Printer For DIY Wedding Invitations Reviews

1. HP Officejet Pro 8025 All-In-One Wireless Printer | Best Printer For Wedding Invitation Business

Starting off with a highly productive printer, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 can be a great option for printing your wedding cards.

This printer comes with excellent multifunctional capabilities, weighing a bit lesser and being more compact in size than its OfficeJet counterpart, HP 9025. In addition, it can scan in high resolutions alongside printing.

You can quite easily scan the printed copy of your desired design into your computer and print your wedding card after proper editing- all with just the HP 8025!

We absolutely loved the range of connectivity this wedding invitations printer offers.

You won’t have to go through the tedious job of transferring your invitation design to your computer if you have it on your phone; you can directly print it from any Apple (AirPrint) or Android (Mopria) device!

HP claims that this printer delivers speeds of 20ppm for black and 10ppm for color print and actually lives up to it.

However, since there’s only one tray for paper, changing from one set to the other can be an onerous task, hampering your productivity.

The 3″ LCD touchscreen makes operating this printer much more straightforward. It has clearly-labeled buttons and a user-friendly interface, with options to browse various websites.

Moreover, it accompanies the HP Instant Ink offer that you just can’t refuse!

Enrolling in this offer will greatly reduce your ink costs for a certain number of prints; this is essential since you’re printing wedding invitations and will be using up a large amount of ink in the process.


  • Can copy and scan alongside printing.
  • Has efficient printing speeds of 20ppm (black) and 10ppm (color).
  • HP Instant Ink offer hugely cuts down on ink costing.
  • Great range of connectivity from USB to AirPrint and Mopria.


  • No rear tray for specialty paper, like cardstock, which will hamper productivity.

2. Canon Ts9521c Wireless Crafting Photo Printer | Best Printer For Printing Invitations On Cardstock

The Canon TS9521C ticks all the boxes for the perfect DIY wedding invitation printer. In addition, Canon has integrated a unique ink system to work with the inkjet technology.

Apart from the usual four colors (CMYK) that all other inkjet printers generally work with, Canon has added an extra black ink with the group, which is dye-based.

This dye-based black is used up for printing different graphical designs and images. It will help bring out the richer, darker colors in your wedding invitation, making it look more attractive.

The TS9521C has exceptional borderless printing features. As a result, you can ensure beautiful borderless print, covering your creative stylings and designs perfectly, even if your wedding card is as large as tabloid size!

The device has a strong build and can be a bit heavy to move around. However, it also comes with a 4″ LCD touchscreen that makes operation all the more convenient.

This Canon wedding invitations printer consists of similar connectivity features to our HP printer above, but the Wi-Fi Direct option is absent.

In contrast to the HP 8025, this inkjet printer also consists of a rear tray for specialty media.

You can conveniently load multiple pieces of paper, whether it’s heavy or cotton cardstock, and print out your invitations without having to deal with the front tray at all!

On the contrary, we do think Canon could work on the amount of ink the TS9521C uses upper print. Since you’ll be printing out colorful invitations, it will take up a huge amount of ink and will need frequent replacements for larger print volumes.


  • A five-color ink system enhances the quality of graphical designs and images.
  • Extraordinary borderless-printing capability up to 12×12″ sizes.
  • A User-friendly 4″ LCD touchscreen makes operation pretty straightforward.
  • The rear paper tray gives a dedicated printing option without having to replace sets.


  • It uses up a large amount of ink per print, increasing ink costing.

3. Brother Mfc-J497dw Inkjet Multifunction Printer | Best Printer To Print Wedding Invitations

Comparatively, our smallest printer on the list, the Brother MFC-J497DW comes with a compact and tight structure, taking up minimal room in your workspace.

Boosting up your productivity, this Brother wedding invitations printer is able to carry out swift, double-sided printouts.

This will save you quite a bit of time since you won’t have to put your sheets in the tray again for printing on the other side. So even though double-sided printing may take a while longer than single-sided ones, you’ll be done with your overall work faster.

While this inkjet printer does come with a small LCD screen, it doesn’t have touch features like the Canon TS9521C.

Nevertheless, Brother tried to compensate for it by adding lots of buttons to enhance user interactivity. In addition, a small section at the bottom of the screen also shows the level of ink you have for each color.

We were also impressed by the printing options accompanied by this device. You can easily print over Wi-Fi, and Brother also provides their iPrint&Scan feature, which is more straightforward to configure than AirPrint or Mopria.

You’ll also receive an Ethernet cable with the printer for strong, wired Internet printing.

Although the MFC-J497DW has impressed us with its productive capabilities, it can malfunction with high volumes of print. The device can go strong till around 200 pages a month, whereas the HP 8025 above can manage as many as 800 prints!


  • Small in size and takes up less space with compact and tight design.
  • Efficient double-sided printing will save loads of time.
  • Huge number of buttons for ease of use and ink-level marker in the LCD screen.
  • Lots of printing options, like USB, Wi-Fi, AirPrint/Mopria, iPrint&Scan, and Ethernet.


  • Has a maximum print volume of only 200 pages/month.

4. Canon Pixma Ix6820 Wireless Printer | Best Printer For Envelopes And Invitations

Printing at the highest resolution among the printers in our list, the Pixma iX6820 will bring out the beauty and vibrancy of your DIY wedding invitation at its utmost level.

The maximum print resolution of 9600×2400 DPI is much higher than that of the HP 8025, which is 4800x1200DPI. As a result, the colors on your design will look vivid, and the high resolution will definitely make the textures stand out.

Even though the printer doesn’t come with an LCD screen like the Brother MFC-J497DW, it’s still fairly simple to install and control.

Similar to the Canon TS9521C, it also comes with a 5-color ink system. But, the iX6820 has the edge because each ink comes in individual tanks. So, you can just replace the low-ink tank without having to replace the whole set.

In addition to that, the intelligently-engineered 1-Picoliter droplets print the tiniest caricatures in your designs and artwork, beautifying your wedding card even more. The print quality of this Canon iX6820 has impressed us the most.

This DIY wedding invitations printer crosses the benchmark for borderless printing as well.

It comes with a wide paper tray, able to easily print up to 13″ x19″ borderless sizes. So you won’t have to worry about the size of your wedding card; just focus on the design.

Like all good things, this printer also comes with a drawback in the form of printing speed. Although it’s not the slowest, printing a colorized standard photo size takes around a minute.


  • Prints at a maximum resolution of 9600×2400 DPI.
  • 5-ink system comes in individually-replaceable tanks, saving money on ink cartridges.
  • 1-Picoliter ink droplets bring out the smallest details in the designs.
  • A wide paper tray allows easy borderless printing up to 13×19″ dimensions.


  • Printing speed is relatively slower, taking a minute to produce a standard-sized photo.

5. Epson Surecolor P600 Inkjet Printer | Best Printer For Cardstock Invitations

If your DIY wedding invitation is rich in colors, then the Epson P600 is your perfect friend to showcase these colors in their most authentic form!

This Epson printer for wedding invitations comes with a whopping nine ink cartridges, four more than the Canon TS9521C.

Evidently, the color output of the P600 is top-notch. It will bring your original design to life and combine the perfect colors for more veracity, resulting in an extraordinary quality of your wedding invitation.

It doesn’t end here! You also get to print in larger volumes with the 25.9mL capacity in its cartridges. Generally, an average ink cartridge has a capacity of 11mL.

With more than double the average capacity, the P600 will also reduce your ink costs greatly.

This printer has a sturdy build and is relatively heavier than the other inkjet printers on our list. The installation process doesn’t involve any complexities and is made easier by the slanted LCD touchscreen.

It comes with easy-to-use features, and the messages on display are clear and legible. Just like the Canon iX6820, the P600 can seamlessly print in various borderless sizes up to 13×19″.

This wireless printer comes with similar connectivity options compared to the likes of HP 8025. In addition, it has the Wi-Fi Direct feature, which lets you print wirelessly even in the absence of the Internet.


  • Nine ink cartridges give the best possible color output.
  • Ink cartridges have more than double the average cartridge capacity.
  • Seamlessly prints on a wide range of borderless sizes.
  • Wi-Fi Direct enables printing in the absence of the Internet.


  • For heavy cardstock paper, the printer takes time to load the paper along with occasional paper jam issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Which Printer Is Best For Cards And Invitations?

Inkjet printers, such as the Brother MFC-J497DW and Canon Pixma iX6820 printers, are best for printing cards and invitations.

The ink cartridges print the colors and textures of the invitation design better than other printers and make your cards look more attractive.

2. How Do I Know If A Printer Will Print On Cardstock?

You should refer to the instruction or user manual that is provided with the printer. The range of the weight of paper the printer can work with is always specified.

If the printer is compatible with paper weighing greater than 150GSM but less than 250GSM, you can use lightweight cardstock on your printer.

If it’s compatible with as high as 350GSM, you can print on all kinds of cardstock with it.

3. What Printer Is Used To Print Cards?

Inkjet printers are the best printers for printing cards. Printers like the Epson P600 and Canon TS9521Cdo a great job in replicating the design exactly, delivering the most beautiful cards with brilliant colors.

4. Can You Print On Cardstock With An Inkjet Printer?

Yes, you can print on cardstock with any inkjet printer and achieve impressive results as long as the printer is compatible with heavier types of paper.

You should make sure your printer is configured to print on cardstock from the instruction manual.

5. Can You Put The Card In A Normal Printer?

You can’t put a card or heavier paper in a normal printer meant for printing on plain paper.

If the printer is compatible with heavier paper, which you can ensure from the instruction manual, you can only put the card in the printer without any worries.


Creating the perfect DIY wedding invitation is the dream for every person who has taken up this duty. But, to achieve perfection, you need the best tools and the most creative brains!

While you have a creative brain, we have done hours of hard work and research to pair you with the finest tools.

Along with a small guide to buying the best printer for DIY wedding invitations, we’ve reviewed the top-performing devices in the industry right now that resembles your perfect printer.

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