Printer For Glossy Paper (Guide)

Whether you’re printing brochures or flyers for your business or just want to print out the picturesque photographs you clicked on a trip, you’ll need the best glossy paper for the image to stand out. But, the paper won’t do its job alone!

You’ll also require the best printer for glossy paper so that you can print your picture out in its most optimal form. And that’s exactly what we will help you out with today!

Not all kinds of printers are the perfect fit to print on glossy paper. So along with focusing on the factors that matter, we’ll also help you out in choosing the perfect printer to print out your splendid photographs!

Epson Expression Home XP-430 Wireless Color Photo Printer
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
  • Technology: Inkjet
  • LCD Screen: 2.7”
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Mini SD-cards
Epson Stylus Photo R280 Ultra Hi-Definition Photo Printer
  • Resolution: 5760×1440 DPI
  • Technology: Inkjet
  • Speed: 1 photo in 11s
  • Ink system: 6-color cartridge
Canon TS8220 Wireless All in One Photo Printer
  • LCD Screen: 4.3” touchscreen
  • Paper Trays: Two
  • Speed: 1 photo in 11s
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, Mini SD-cards, Bluetooth
Epson PictureMate PM-400 Photo Printer
  • Technology: Inkjet
  • Weight: 4lbs
  • Ink system: CMYK cartridge
  • Borderless Printing: 5×7”
Canon MG2520 Color Photo Printer
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
  • Ink System: Two ink cartridges
  • Paper Size: 8.5×14”
  • Connectivity: USB

What To Look For Before Buying A Printer For Glossy Paper?

Before we move into detailed reviews of our top 5 printers for glossy paper, let’s look at the key factors we emphasized while choosing the printers, and you should too.


First and foremost, you should ensure the printer you’re looking for is compatible with printing on glossy paper and similar types of paper. You can’t put a glossy paper on the tray of just any printer and expect for things to work out fine; it will result in paper jams and, in extreme cases, damage the printer.

Some printers come with a single adaptable tray for various types of paper, like plain paper, glossy paper, cardstock, etc.

There are also devices that come with front and rear trays; the rear tray is designed for specialty paper, such as glossy paper. It reduces the hassle of replacing sets every time and enables smooth printing.

Borderless Printing

You’ll definitely be printing photos with lots of color and graphics on the glossy paper; these won’t look as appealing if they keep white spaces on the paper. Borderless printing ensures that doesn’t happen, thus beautifying your print.

Some printers only support a single size of borderless prints, the most common size being 4×6”. But, a few let you print on various borderless sizes like the wide-format printers and can be useful to you if you want your photos in larger sizes.

Printing Options

With wireless technology updating everyday, the printers are also being upgraded to match those standards. So you should definitely opt for the one that provides you with the widest connectivity range.

Almost all printers come with a USB port for wired printing from computers. Most also have wireless printing features over Wi-Fi, and some even work with Bluetooth.

The most useful printers are those that are compatible with AirPrint and Mopria Printing services, as you can directly print from your Apple or Android devices very quickly. Another option is the Wi-Fi Direct, present in a good number of printers, letting you print in the absence of the internet.

An external storage device is also another option that some printers have. They mainly have a card reader slot that accepts mini and micro-SD cards; you can access your photos with the help of the LCD screen and print them out on your desired glossy paper.

Ink Cartridge System

Inkjet printers lead the race by a mile when it comes to printing on glossy paper, compared to other types of printers like Laser or UV printers.

The ink cartridge you use is very important when you use glossy paper for printing, whether it’s high-gloss or semi-gloss.

The higher the number of base colors the cartridge works with, the better your printed photos will be. They will look brighter and more vibrant. Generally, all printers work with the four CMYK color sets; the higher-end ones have six, and some even have eight! 

5 Best Printer for Glossy Paper Reviews

1. Epson Expression Home XP-430 Photo Printer | Best Printer For Glossy Flyers

Just like the name suggests, the Epson XP-430 is one of the best printers you can have at your home. You can conveniently print out pictures on glossy paper and stick them or gift them to loved ones.

To start it off, the XP-430 comes with additional functionalities like scanning and copying.

Let’s say you have an eloquent picture, but it’s printed on plain paper, and the colors look dull. You can scan it onto your PC and print it out on glossy paper so that it looks much more vibrant and colorful; and, you can do all that with just this photo printer!

This glossy paper printer has an excellent design and construction; it takes up minimal space compared to its functions. Weighing only 9.3lbs, it outcompetes other all-in-one printers, which are pretty heavy and take up large areas of a room.

However, our printer has been considerably slower when it comes to printing on glossy paper, in contrast to what is specified. This can be quite frustrating if you’re looking to print quickly.

The economic feature of the ink system is not talked about enough. The ink cartridges are fairly low-priced, but the bigger advantage is that you can get single ink cartridges of your desired color rather than replacing the whole set!

You can conveniently print from various kinds of devices on all types of glossy paper, starting from computers to wireless android devices. It’s compatible with AirPrint as well as Google Cloud print, while also providing additional features with Epson iPrint.

Highlighted Features

  • Has additional functions like scanning, copying
  • Weighs lesser than other all-in-one printers and takes up less space
  • Ink cartridges can be replaced individually
  • Prints from almost all kinds of devices, wired and wireless

2. Epson Stylus R280 Photo Printer | Best Laser Printer For Glossy Paper

Unlike our previous Epson printer, the R280 is amazingly efficient when it comes to printing photos in the glossy paper!

It only took around 11 seconds to print out one standard-sized photo without a dip in quality, while most other photo printers take at least 35-40 seconds.

We were truly satisfied with the print quality on the glossy paper as well. The R280 prints at a high resolution of 5760×1440 DPI. The colors in our photo looked vivid, and the image itself had exceptional quality.

The ink cartridges consist of six base colors as opposed to the general four. Along with that, it has DX5 technology programmed into it, giving your pictures an HD and professional finish.

Pairing it with high-quality glossy paper, this printer can give you photos that you can store for life! The incorporated inkjet technology ensures that the quality of your images isn’t diminished by scratches or exposure to water.

Even though it doesn’t come with an LCD screen, the installation process is fairly straightforward and short-lasting.

While we are super impressed with the speed and quality of the photos, the printer, quite understandably, takes up a lot of ink in one print. As a result, you might find yourself changing cartridges quite often if you print a lot of photos.

Highlighted Features

  • Prints at an efficient speed of one photo in only 11 seconds
  • Can print at high resolutions of 5760×1440 DPI
  • 6-color ink cartridge and DX5 technology gives an HD finish
  • Prints are very durable, resistant to scratch, smudge, and water

3. Canon TS8220 All in One Photo Printer | Best Color Laser Printer For Glossy Paper

Canon has introduced an outstanding printer perfect for printing photos on glossy paper, or any other paper for that matter.

It impressed us with its ease of use and the user-interactivity of the LCD display. The touchscreen is large enough, and the functions work smoothly on touch. Setting it up is not a lengthy task either.

What mainly caught our attention about this printer is an extra paper tray in the back. So you can have a dedicated tray for your glossy photo paper and print photos anytime you want, without having to go through the agonizing process of replacing the paper sets.

This color printer comes with a compact design like the Epson XP-430 but has a greater weight. The printing operation is much quieter compared to the PIXMA series.

While it may print slowly on plain paper, the TS8220 gave us an exceptional performance while printing on glossy photo papers, printing five photos in a minute!

We did notice paper jams happening from time to time because of the dual trays, so that can be quite annoying at times.

This Canon glossy paper printer also ranks high when it comes to device adaptability. It supports all kinds of devices you can think of through both wired and wireless connections. There’s also a card-reader slot where you can insert mini-SD cards to transfer your photos.

Highlighted Features

  • Large touchscreen helps with user-interactive functions
  • Special tray in the back enables uninterrupted photo printing
  • Prints photos at an efficient rate of 5/minute
  • Photos can be transferred through mini-SD cards, apart from wireless connectivity

4. Epson PictureMate PM-400 Photo Printer | Best Inkjet Printer For Glossy Paper

The Epson PM-400 is the lightest printer we’ve worked with so far. It only weighs 4lbs, and you can carry it around with you to print almost anywhere you like, as long as you have a power supply.

This lightweight printer comes with a strong external body and a small LCD screen on top. The buttons are large and easy-to-use and make a “clicking” noise when pressed.

This dedicated photo printer works amazingly well with Epson’s various types of glossy paper. It prints in different borderless sizes up to 5×7”.

The inkjet technology, along with the “auto-photo correction” feature, truly enhances the quality of the image, but we did notice some graininess in the colors.

When it comes to speed, the PM-400 prints one photo in around 40 seconds, while that may not be as fast as our previous printers, it is much faster than the average color and photo printers available.

We were particularly impressed with the Print Packs that come with this Epson glossy paper printer. You’re provided with unique ink cartridges, made just for Epson photo printers and high-quality glossy paper, resulting in optimal output.

Apart from the general printing options, we loved the Wi-Fi Direct feature. It adds to the portability of this device; you can go to places with no network, but still, print photos effortlessly with the help of this feature.

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs only 4lbs and can be carried anywhere
  • Can print in different borderless sizes up to 5×7”
  • Print Packs come with uniquely-designed ink cartridges and glossy paper
  • Wi-Fi Direct helps to print in places with no network

5. Canon MG2520 Color Photo Printer | Best Printer For Glossy Sticker Paper

To print your photos with the highest authenticity, you need a printer programmed with such high-end technology. And, that is exactly what we get with the Canon MG2520!

Canon claims to have programmed it with Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) technology coupled with the smallest printheads legally owned and patented by them. We can confirm their claim to be true!

The printouts look vibrant and realistic, and the technology enhances the details quite nicely. Moreover, the MG2520 also comes with a special ink system.

It has both dye and pigment-based inks in its system; the inks are utilized according to the content you’re printing.

For printing photos in glossy paper, the printer will mainly use dye-based inks to produce the colors. The pigment-based inks give your photos the touch of longevity, making them waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Like the Canon TS8220, this multifunctional device also comes with additional functions like scanning and copying. However, unlike the TS8220, it doesn’t have an LCD screen.

We think Canon could’ve worked on the wireless features of the printer since it doesn’t support printing over Wi-Fi. You’ll also need to get your own USB cable.

However, the lack of wireless connectivity is made up for by the huge range of compatibility with various operating systems. You can use this glossy paper printer even in your Windows XP or Vista! It also supports older versions of Mac.

Highlighted Features

  • FINE technology enhances picture details and makes it more realistic
  • Uses both dye and pigment-based inks for better color and durability
  • Can also work as a scanner and copier
  • Excellent compatibility with a huge range of OS, even Windows XP, and Vista

How Do You Print On Glossy Paper?

Printing on glossy paper is pretty simple.

Loading the paper is quite important. Depending on the thickness of the type of glossy paper you’re using, you should take a certain number of papers at a time and put them in the tray to avoid paper jams. For normal thickness, 25 pieces of glossy paper will work well.

From the printing options in your computer, you only have to choose the right paper option in the “Presets” feature. There are various kinds of glossy paper available; make sure you choose exactly the type you’re using. After that, the printer will configure itself and all you need to do is just hit the “Print” command!

How to Print on Glossy Paper : Photographer Tips

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Which Printer Is Best For Printing On Glossy Paper?

Inkjet printers perform the best when printing on glossy paper, compared to other types of printers. The cartridges have dye-based or pigment-based inks that are attested to the paper with hi-tech printhead. As a result, the colors stand out better and the photos are more detailed.

2. Can I Print On Glossy Paper With An Inkjet Printer?

Yes, you can print on glossy paper with an inkjet printer, as long as the inkjet printer is compatible with this type of paper. Most inkjet printers support various types of paper like glossy paper other than plain paper, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to find one.

3. Can HP Printer Use Glossy Paper?

Yes, most HP printers use glossy paper, and you can conveniently print with these printers. HP inkjet and Deskjet printers perform much better than the HP laser printers and are the better options when it comes using HP for glossy paper printing.

4. What Ink Can I Use On Glossy Paper?

Glossy paper works best with dye-based inks; these inks settle firmly onto the paper after a few minutes of drying and helps the colors to shine even more.

Pigment-based inks could work, too, but you’d have to give the extra effort to stamp it for drying. However, there are a few brands of glossy paper that also go hand-in-hand with pigment-based inks.

5. How Do You Print On Glossy Paper Without Smearing?

The best way to avoid smearing when printing on glossy paper is to print on one paper at a time. This prevents any form of static charge on the paper, so the ink stays firm after being printed.

You should also ensure you’ve chosen the right type of paper on your print settings; it must be exactly the paper you put into your tray, as the configuration of the printers for printing on different types of paper are not the same.

It’s also a smart move to let the ink dry out after printing before use.


A poor printer can damage the quality of your printed photo, even if you’re using the highest-quality of glossy paper. So the importance of a good printer is tantamount to the quality of your paper.

We’ve invested a huge amount of time in researching and working on hundreds of printers that work with glossy paper. Finding only one to choose as the best printer for glossy paper is too big a thing to ask out of all the amazing options, but we’ve narrowed it down to what we think to make the top 5 in being the perfect glossy paper printers.

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