Printer For Notary Signing Agents (Guide)

Many notary signing agents are intimidated by the process of notarizing documents. They need a printer that is dependable, easy to use, and maintain.

The right notary printer can make all the difference in how your business runs. With more than 50% of US businesses relying on a notary public for their legal documents, you want to make sure that you have an affordable solution with high-quality printing capabilities.

The best printer for notary signing agents is a solution to help ease the anxiety that comes with this important task.

If you’re looking for a printer that’s reliable and durable for a notary, then check out our reviews of the top five printers below.

IMAGE PRODUCT ConnectivityCompatibilityUsesPrint Mediaprice
Brother MFC-L5900DWUSB, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-FiSmartphones, PC, LaptopsOffice, HomeCard stock, Paper (plain), Labels, Envelopes
Canon LBP113wWi-FiSmartphones, PC, LaptopsOffice, HomePaper (plain)
HP M283fdwWi-Fi, USB, EthernetSmartphones, PCOffice, HomePaper (plain)
Brother HL-L8360CDWTUSB, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-FiSmartphones, PC, LaptopsOffice, HomeEnvelopes, Paper (plain), Card stock, Labels
Brother HL-L2350DWWi-Fi, USB, NFCPC, LaptopsOfficeEnvelopes, Paper (plain)
Best Printer For Notary Signing Agents

Printer For Notary Signing Agents Buying Guide

Professionals need certain types of printers, but only a few fit their needs. Prior to deciding which type of printer best suits an individual’s needs, the following factors should be considered:

Type of Printer

The first thing you need to consider is the type of printer that will provide accurate performance. The most common types are as follows:

Inkjet printers produce high-quality prints, but they consume more ink than laser printers do.

On the other hand, laser printers allow faster production time and come with a higher item yield since they are equipped with laser beam technology.

Resolution of Prints

The clarity of the printout is directly proportional to the resolution of the printer. Printers with higher resolutions perform better.You need to make sure that all writings and printouts are clear and legible for easy identification by signers.

You should not compromise on quality as that will eventually affect the end result. Yes, you have to pay more for the best printouts, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Speed of Printing

Faster printing speed not only delivers your work quicker but also does not hurt your patience. A slow printer wastes a lot of time and does not deliver results on time.

You will need a model that can quickly receive and process data so that you do not spend too much time and resources on printing jobs.

Trays for Input

A printer with an adjusting tray helps print any size paper you need. If your tray offers a large input capacity, you can easily use it for your notary work.

The printer tray should also have an automatic feeder, allowing for efficient data feeding into the machine.

Duty Cycle Every Month

The duty cycle is the amount of time a printer can operate before breaking down. If the duty cycle is low, you will have to keep repairing it or buying new ones too often.

You will need to print many documents every day and some on-demand, so buy a printer that can handle such demands without any problem.

Multifunctional Printers

You should choose a printer that can perform multiple tasks at the same time. Most modern printer manufacturers have printer models that can serve these purposes: printing, scanning, and copying.

Choosing such a printer will save time and resources as you do not need to use three different devices for the same task.

Such a multipurpose printer is an essential requirement for offices that handle documents regularly.


You should consider the costs of printer cartridges, toners, and other essential supplies that are required to keep the machine in good condition.

Most of the users don’t oversee the post-purchase expenses while buying a printer. Always calculate the recurring cost of your printer to increase your business margin.

5 Best Printer for Notary Signing Agents Reviews

If you want a notary printer, pick the one that prints cleanly and quickly. Check out the five best models for notaries below:

1. Brother Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer

Brother is a leading manufacturer of printers and other peripherals. Brother’s MFC-L5900DW is a multifunction printer that includes printing, scanning, and copying. It also has built-in Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity.

The 3.7″ color touchscreen display makes it easy to set up the device and navigate through all of its functions. Printing from cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox is made possible with this product.

Brother monochrome laser printer offers many high-quality compatible toners, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ink. This printer for notary signing agents is very durable and efficient.

Auto duplex printing speeds up the process and allows you to print double-sided documents. The built-in duplexer has a capacity of 70 pages which allows you to multitask as you scan and copy a set of documents.

The printer can print at speeds of up to 42 PPM, and an input capacity of 300 sheets makes this product very efficient for notary signing agents. With quick printing options, this product is ideal for home or office use.

With optional add-on trays, you can expand the capacity to 1340 sheets. A programmable document feeder also allows you to scan and copy multiple documents at once.

Overall, this product by Brother stands out with its many features. Whether you need fast printing speeds, high-capacity toners, or the ability to print from cloud services, this product has it all.

Highlighted Features

  • 3.7″ color touchscreen display
  • Prints fast at up to 42 PPM
  • Add-on trays increase capacity
  • Double-sided printing saves paper
  • Multi-document scanning and copying

2. Canon LBP113w Wireless Laser Printer

The Canon LBP113w imageCLASS laser printer is fast, making it perfect for any business. The printer has many features that will make your printing experience easier and more productive.

This printer for notary signing agents can print up to 23 pages per minute, so you won’t have to wait long when in need of printing something quickly. You can also print from your phone using Canon’s mobile solutions.

It also supports mobile solutions such as Canon Print Business, Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Morea Print Service. So, you don’t need a router to print wirelessly from your phone or tablet.

Another great thing about Canon’s wireless laser printer is that it has a decent paper capacity that allows for up to 150 sheets. Plus, the energy-saving mode consumes about four watts while sleeping, meaning less power consumption.

Canon mobile-ready Wi-Fi technology makes it easy to print from your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can connect directly to the server using the Wi-Fi connection. The 8.5” x 14” sheet size is standard for office printers.

However, this printer does not have a built-in touchscreen. Therefore, people who are unfamiliar with computers may find it difficult to navigate the screen.

Highlighted Features

  • Energy-saving mode
  • 150 sheet paper capacity
  • Mobile-ready laser printer
  • Directly connects to the server via Wi-Fi
  • 23 pages per minute print speed

3. HP Wireless All-in-One Laser Printer

The HP LaserJet Pro M283fdw is an excellent choice for notary signing agents. It features wireless connectivity, duplex printing, and printing remotely with the HP Smart app.

This multifunction wireless printer prints with a speed of up to 22 pages per minute.

The mobile print app helps you start, monitor, and cancel print jobs from almost anywhere around the world. With HP Smart, notary signing agents can save a lot of time by creating customized shortcuts that eliminate steps in repetitive tasks.

The capacity of the automatic document feeder is 50-pages. ADF is used for quick scanning, copying, and faxing multi-page documents and can support up to letter size paper.

It features a USB and an Ethernet port, which you can use to print directly from your phone. It uses the HP Smart app to work 50% faster.

Support is provided for a wide range of documents, including letters, legal documents, executive documents, Oficio documents, A4, A5, A5-R documents, A6, B5, B6, and 16K.

It works with Alexa, which allows notaries to start printing with just their voice. The features are invaluable and save time, money, and resources.

This efficient printer can fit almost anywhere in the office and is easy to set up. It will definitely serve notaries well at their signings.

Highlighted Features

  • 50-page ADF
  • Mobile printing
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Print speed up to 22PPM
  • Duplex Printing Technology

4. Brother Automatic Duplex Printing Laser Printer

The Brother Business Color Laser Printer is the perfect choice for any business. This printer can print both black & white, plus color documents with ease.

For notary signing agents, it comes equipped with a touchscreen control panel, dual paper trays (250 and 500 sheets), and a USB host for printing from your flash drive. It also has NFC compatibility to print wirelessly from your mobile device.

This auto laser printer has speeds of up to 33PPM. HL-L8360CDWT is equipped with a print resolution of up to 2400 x 600 DPI for writing crisp documents.

Other features include automatic duplex printing, the Brother Way network interface, and wireless direct printing. It is compatible with AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, Cortado Workplace, and more, so almost any device or platform can use it.

The product is compatible with Brother Genuine toners to ensure high-quality prints every time. As always, if you run out of genuine toner, the manufacturers offer a cheaper alternative.

It also has Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi connectivity technology, and by adding an optional paper tray, you can print up to 1,300 pages.

Duplex printing is an excellent choice for both small and large businesses. The versatile machine can easily handle most office tasks, making it one of the best products available.

Highlighted Features

  • Touchscreen display
  • Auto duplex printing
  • 2400 x 600 DPI resolutions
  • NFC Wireless Compatibility
  • Dual 500 and 250 sheet tray

5. Brother Duplex Two-Sided Printing Laser Printer

Brother Duplex Laser Printer, HL-L2350DW, has everything you need for your notary signing agent business. With wireless printing capabilities, this printer is perfect for any busy professional.

It has print speeds up to 32 pages per minute, and with its 250-sheet paper capacity, it holds enough for large documents. This printer allows you to print from your smartphone, making it versatile and helpful for notary signing.

Brother compact printer has a manual feed slot, which allows you to print on different paper sizes and types. You can use this for invoices, bills, receipts, or anything else that can’t be printed on normal paper.

This printer also has a toner save mode which can help you preserve toner and save money on ink costs. Another feature is auto-duplex that allows you to print on both sides of the paper to save unnecessary costs and paper waste.

NFC capability provides professional-quality prints with wireless printing capabilities. While this printer does support NFC, it is also USB compatible. As a result, it is ideal for printing documents at the last minute.

The printer also features two-sided printing capabilities for saving paper, making it eco-friendly as well. While this printer is a bit pricier, you should buy it if you want high-quality prints and professional features.

Highlighted Features

  • NFC capability
  • Toner save mode
  • Manual feed slot
  • Two-sided printing
  • Prints up to 32PPM
  • 250-sheet paper capacity

How Does A Laser Printer Differ From An Inkjet Printer?

One of the biggest differences between inkjet printers and laser printers is that inkjet printers use ink, while laser printers use toner. There are some major differences between inkjet and laser printers, but they are both excellent options.


The first difference between the two machines is how they work. Inkjet printers use thousands of little nozzles to spray tiny drops of ink onto paper, whereas laser printers use electrostatic technology to transfer toner onto the same medium.

Printing Speed

Another big difference between these two types of printers is speed. Laser printers are generally faster than inkjet printers because there are no ink cartridges to heat up.

Print Quality

The final difference between these two types of printers is their print quality. Laser prints can be sharper, crisper, and have more vivid colors than inkjet prints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions about laser printers for notary signing agents:

What Is The Best Printer For A Signing Agent?

The best printer for a notary signing agent is one that has auto duplex printing capability, high printing speeds, high-quality print, and versatile features.

NFC is essential for signing agents who need to print documents using their smartphones. In order to add value to your notary business, wireless technology might also be the best option.

Another important feature your printer needs is a manual feed slot that allows you to print on different paper sizes and types.

What Supplies Do You Need As A Notary Signing Agent?

To serve as a notary signing agent, you need a few things, like an official stamp, bond, journal, thumb printer without ink, fee chart, extra jurats, and office accessories.

Other than these supplies, the only thing that would be beneficial is a printer for all your documents and contracts.

What’s The Difference Between A Notary And A Signing Agent?

Notaries are public officials who authenticate documents for people to use in other states, and they charge per witnessed signature.

Signing agents are transactional notaries who execute documents that require signatures for businesses, corporations, or estates.

Signing agents can verify that someone’s signature is authentic, let you know if something illegal is written on a contract or document, and provide notary services like administering oaths or affidavits.

Are Notary Signing Agents In Demand?

Yes, public notary services are always in demand because they provide peace of mind for people who need to sign important documents.

Having a notary handle the signing assures that the document was signed correctly and with proper identification.

Besides providing peace of mind, notaries do other jobs like administering oaths and affidavits. Notary signing agents are especially beneficial for businesses because they can provide these services on-site.

Does A Signing Agent Need A Fax Machine?

Yes, a fax machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a signing agent. The fax machine will save them the time of having to print everything out and mail it.

Fax machines are also beneficial because they can send large files to customers, printing services, banks, or government agencies without having to spend several hours trying to locate a fax machine at their location.

However, dedicated fax lines are no longer needed because faxing is now available through scanning, email, and smartphone apps.

How Much Money Does A Notary Make Per Signing?

Based on their experience, skills, and equipment, notary signing agents can make around $75 to $150 per appointment they honor.

This money comes from signing fees charged by lenders, real estate agents, or loan officers for their services.

The average amount of signings that occur in a day is about 2-4, with one signing taking an hour or less to perform.

Final Words

It all comes down to what you need. If you’re looking for a printer for notary services, it’s important that your printer has high printing speeds, high-quality print, and versatile features.

To ensure that your notary signings run smoothly and professionally, this article has provided you with information about the best printer for notary signing agents.

With all of these features, you will be able to print high-quality documents quickly and efficiently. We hope this information will help you narrow down your search so you can find an ideal machine.

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