What is Eco-Solvent Printing?

Among the huge variety of printers and types of printing available nowadays, it can be quite a difficult task for you to decide on the kind of printing that will best fit your purpose. Apart from print quality, longevity and adjustability also play a key role.

Eco-solvent printing has revolutionized the printing industry since the early 2000s with its top-quality and eco-friendly characteristics. It has especially caught the attention of people who work with flex and vinyl printing. But, you must be wonder what makes eco-solvent printing so beneficial; well, you are in the right place to find out!

What is Eco-Solvent Printing

Benefits of Eco-solvent Printing


Made using ether extractions from mineral oil, the eco-solvent ink prints are biodegradable. This plays a huge part in protecting the environment with reduced carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

The biodegradability also reduces VOC content, decreasing the number of unnecessary organic chemicals in the air. The printing process is completely odorless and the air quality is greatly enhanced, keeping the printer’s surrounding environment suitable to work on. 


Another excellent feature of eco-solvent printing is the variety of substrates you can print on. Known mainly for banner printing and outdoor signage, the versatility of eco-solvent printers is underrated. The eco-solvent inks from wood to paper-backed PVC stand out in all kinds of surfaces with their glossy and wide color gamut.


Eco-solvent ink produces excellent prints with a huge range of color saturation and hue combinations. This brings out the originality of your prints and make them stand out. What makes eco-solvent printing even more desirable is its water resistance and durability against scratch, keeping your prints intact for a long time.

What Is Eco-Solvent Ink Used For?

With the help of their unique characteristics, eco-solvent inks are mainly used in vinyl printing. Since their introduction to the printing industry, they’ve always been used in public display signs, in different sizes of banners and flex printing as well. They’re also used in graphical designs in trade fairs, book fairs and festivals.

Eco-solvent ink is perfect for such work because of its resistance to water and scratch. It can be used on bare surfaces with no coating and trusted to not fade in a long time. The colors produced by the ink are also bright and catch everyone’s attention.

Can I Use Eco-Solvent Ink In My Inkjet Printer?

Yes, eco-solvent ink can be used in inkjet printers that are programmed with wide-format printing technology. The eco-solvent ink bottles or cassettes can be installed just like normal solvent inks and used for the required purpose.

You can always check out your printer’s instruction manual for further confirmation and see if it’s compatible with eco-solvent ink.

How Long Does Eco-Solvent Ink Last?

The waterproof and scratch-resistant features of the eco-solvent ink make it last very long. Most eco-solvent inks can last for 1.5 to 2 years while providing vibrant prints. The ink may last even more in dedicated eco-solvent printers.

Choosing Between Solvent And Eco-Solvent Print

Despite all the advantages eco-solvent printing comes with, at the end of the day, the choice of solvent or eco-solvent printing depends on your printing needs.

The quality of print for both types is top-notch. Both work with a wide compositions of colors and the printouts are vivid and rich in color.

If you’re into flex and vinyl printing, like uncoated poly-vinyl chloride and banners, eco-solvent printing will produce the best prints with maximum longevity. However, solvent printing has the edge if you’re more into printing graphical fabric designs.

Unlike solvent printing, you wouldn’t have to worry about your printing environment with eco-solvent printing. It produces much lesser fumes and no odor, thus not affecting your surroundings.

Eco-solvent printing also helps you make the Earth a greener place and protect our ozone layer. This reduces your energy costs greatly as well as maintenance costs.

While it does save your operation costs, eco-solvent inks are generally more expensive than solvent inks because of its wider range of features. If the biodegradability and water-resistance is of importance to you, then eco-solvent printing will be your best choice.

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