What Is The Difference Between Daycare And Preschool?

All mothers and fathers carry the constant burden of making choices that can brighten up their children’s futures. Hence, as soon as their little tyke turns three, they struggle to pick between daycare and preschool.

Parents do several searches through Google: What is the difference between daycare and preschool? Which is the more beneficial option for their kid?

Preschools and daycares each hold separate values in terms of working hours, teaching topics, services, age requirements, etc. If you are wondering what will bring advantages for your kid who has recently crawled out of toddlerhood, check out this article. We intend to point out all the differences and similarities that will assist confused parents in making a pick!

What Is A Daycare?

Daycare is an organization that looks after toddlers and other youngsters throughout the daylight hours. They aim to provide attention and care to kids while parents juggle their tough job schedules. Several qualified caregivers are available who work to create a fun and ideal environment for every kid. They also make a well-organized routine that lets children distinguish between their nap, playing, and eating times. Other common names for daycare include child care or nursery.

What Is A Preschool?

A preschool is an educational institution that helps children whose age ranges between 3 to 5 years. Children are taught to take care of themselves, communicate, and play games with other students while developing their own personalities. By the time they are done with their preschool, they are known to have matured enough to join primary schools. This is why preschools are sometimes also known as pre-primary schools.

Preschools operate within fixed hours and are similar to all other schooling environments. Teachers are involved who are equipped with proper knowledge of child handling. They help children acquire knowledge about empathy, love, and other emotional traits. As a result, kids can grow a sense of right and wrong, which gravely assists them in the long run.

Similarities Between Daycares And Preschools

Both daycares and preschools aim to be safe for children to learn from. They are held equally in the eyes of the law and thus, have to follow the same rules.

In the United States, before starting a preschool or daycare, one needs to get a license from the state regulator. Once this has been done, a group of staff is hired who have to meet the necessary standards. Caregivers and teachers should be aware of child-care philosophies and need to know how to encourage certain values. Strict impartiality needs to be maintained amongst students so that they are not scarred by inequality.

Every daycare and preschool is asked to regulate a staff-to-child ratio. Besides this, all the hygiene standards need to be met so that children are promised a healthy environment. In addition, if they decide to serve meals during the day, nutrition levels need to be kept up with so that healthy growth is supported.

Key Difference Between Daycare And Preschools

Despite being considered identical to the law, daycares and preschools vary in several ways. Here are some stark comparisons that you can make!

Variations in Goals

Daycares mostly focus on being a place where parents can leave their children while working. Such establishments will not focus much on a child’s educational growth. Instead, they will simply take care of them as babysitters do – play games, change nappies, and enforce nap times.

Preschools are built with the intention of getting kids ready for school. They focus on teaching students rhymes and building a habit of taking classes like in school. Certain hours of the day are preserved for certain activities like painting, story reading, playing, etc.

Variations in Working Hours

Like schools, preschools have fixed working hours towards the end of which, parents need to pick up their children. Students also manage to get summer and winter holidays which can last for a couple of weeks. Half-day and full-day programs are available, and one needs to attend classes at least twice per week.

On the other hand, daycares revolve around parents’ work schedules. They start operating during early morning hours and usually stay open till late. This enables parents to drop their kids while going to work and picking them up once their hours end. In addition, these places are open throughout the entire year so that one can easily drop off their kids to attend dinners or parties.

Variation in Age of Kids

Preschools admit kids who are at least three years of age. They need to be potty-trained and should understand their surroundings well. Kids can then attend the school until they are five, after which they need to enroll in a school.

Daycares have no age limit and will allow children from 6 weeks to even 6 years old. Interactions with older kids enhance everyone’s experience and even contribute to quicker maturing.

Variation In Staff

As preschools follow a curriculum, they require teachers who are well acquainted with child educational standards. Many will also require training to partake in preschool responsibilities. Teachers also need to be able to able to enforce a routine so that kids find attending kindergarten easier in the future.

In contrast, caregivers hired in daycares do not require qualifications due to the lack of educational focus. One simply needs to play with kids, narrate stories, put them to naps, have them well fed, etc. In addition, a lot of time is designated for playing and outdoor activities, which require little supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is preschool cheaper than daycare?

Preschools tend to be a little bit more costly than daycares. This is because the staffs at preschools are more experienced and go through a lot of training to be perfect at their job. A curriculum is also present which supports children while stepping into kindergarten. However, since children usually spend a long time in daycares, in the end, the cost piles up to be somewhat similar to that of a preschool.

Is daycare part of preschool?

Daycares are not a part of preschool. They each offer different promises and goals. Nevertheless, some daycares will focus on educating children like preschools and manage to pass on as both. Such daycares will require a larger amount per hour as they offer better services.

Is it OK to skip preschool?

Yes, you can skip preschool as it is not mandatory in one’s educational journey. In all the states, kids are allowed to join schools without requiring preschool qualifications. In fact, in many places, preschools are considered to be a luxury that only rich households can afford.

What’s The Difference Between Daycare And Childcare?

Daycare and childcare institutions offer the same type of service. Any places that volunteered to look after children while parents handled their work during the day were originally known as daycares. Recently, as these places tend to focus more on children, they started naming it as a childcare service instead of a daycare service.

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